Understanding the Enneagram

Understanding the Enneagram


In this Understanding the Enneagram workshop, I will give you an in-depth overview of the Enneagram system.  We will explore the 9 different personality types, using the panel method, as taught in the Narrative Tradition.  This means we will learn about type by hearing from you.  The Enneagram is a Psychological, Spiritual and Somatic system.  We will address the three different centers of wisdom: the Head, the Heart and the Body, and how to integrate them for a fulfilled life.        

At the end of these 2 days, you will step away with a greater sense of self-awareness, compassion and a better understanding of yourself and those around you.  You will also come away with practical tools on how to continue to apply this to your life and your own personal growth.

Session Length: Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm

Cost: $250

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