Who's Your Famous Enneagram Personality Doppelgänger?

One of my goals in writing this blog is to bring the Enneagram down from an intangible spiritual concept and into a more approachable realm, and show how it applies to the real day-to-day world we live in.   The Enneagram can seem a bit heady, academic and even arduous.  But it can also be fun, interesting and playful, too.  Because there is so much tugging for our attention in these busy, complicated times, I find myself needing to engage in some low-brow activity, like flipping through pages of US Weekly or taking one of those "Which 90's Sitcom Character are you?" quizzes on Facebook.  So, in that vein, spin the wheel and find out "Who is your famous Enneagram Personality Dopplegänger?"

Are you…

principled and responsible
focused on making the world a righteous place, like Nelson Mandela?

nurturing and generous,  
focused on helping those in need, like Princess Diana?

hard-working and successful
focused on inspiring hope in others by all that you do, like Oprah?

passionate and empathetic,  
focused on making your unique mark on the world, like Johnny Depp

thoughtful and detached,  
able to express keen observations of the world, like Daniel Day Lewis?

warm and witty
focused on championing others, like Ellen?

bright and optimistic, 
set out to experience the adventures life has to offer, like Goldie Hawn?

confident and in control, 
with an insatiable, unquenchable lust for truth and life, like Lucille Ball?

peace-loving and inclusive
focused on uniting the world regardless of differences, like Abraham Lincoln?

These examples are drawn from Tom Condon's The Enneagram Movie and Video Guide, which I've also adapted and are included in my materials for my Introduction to the Enneagram Workshop.

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