What are some of the benefits of working with the Enneagram system?

  • Greater self-awareness and self-knowledge: understanding why you do what you do
  • Learning how others in your life see the world: leads to healthier, easier relationships
  • Empowering yourself with choice: if you know your patterns, you can make different choices
  • Cultivating compassion and curiosity for yourself and others
  • Acquiring practical tools to manage the feeling of overwhelm and reactivity with others: leads to less friction in daily life




I feel so grateful to have attended a "Discover Your Type Session" with Liz. The process was so cleansing to both my body and soul. Liz presents such a warming and open environment that makes the "discovery" process come at ease. I learned so much about my inner self and how to view my personality traits with positivity. Since my session I have grown so much to appreciate myself and love who I am in a way I never knew existed. This is an enlightening experience that I would recommend to anyone. I left feeling lighter and free to explore my type with grace and understanding. Thank you Liz!!!!!

-Niki Lee


I had so much fun during my Enneagram typing with Liz, which is all I expected it was going to be. But the Enneagram is so much more. My typing session with Liz was incredibly insightful. Not only did Liz make the process natural and easy, she made me feel comfortable and grounded as soon as I walked through the door. The typing itself was like having a unique, intellectual conversation with a friend, digging deeper for answers and learning more about myself with each new question or topic. Liz is a phenomenal listener with a genuine calming presence that makes a person want to open up. An Enneagram typing with Liz helped me gain more self-awareness and empowerment than any therapy session, horoscope or self-help book ever could and I feel the success out in the world.

-Kat Lillie 


As an 8 I have very strong  points of view about the world and it can be very difficult for me to understand that not everyone sees things the way I do! Obviously this makes for some tension in relationships. Liz has helped me to grasp the ways in which those closest to me are different. And most importantly, that these differences don't necessarily mean I'm threatened, misunderstood or unloved. Simple, and yet, profound.  As a guide Liz is undyingly patient. She has no problem going over the same issue again and again until I've talked it out completely! Whereas most people (8's) would get easily frustrated and demand action, Liz is able to sit with the problem and hash out all details without putting pressure on change. If you tend to obsess, Liz is the right one to listen!

-Simone Kornfeld, LMSW  Co-Author of Smitten: The Way of the Brilliant Flirt


My typing session with Liz really opened up my understanding of habits, emotional tendencies and routines, both healthy and unhealthy.  I have been in therapy for years but this process provides a different route of self-discovery; I now know there is a whole community of 2's which somehow allows me to be more gentle with myself.  In addition, learning about the other types has improved my relations with others, especially my partner.  Overall, working with Liz was very interesting, enlightening, helpful and she even made the process fun!  

-Stefanie Moss 


Elizabeth's introduction to the Enneagram was so enlightening for me. Elizabeth is a great listener and helped me to articulate my personality, observing common patterns in my thoughts and behaviors. I felt more self-aware and confident after sitting down with her.