The Nine Personality Types

Type One- The Reformer

+ Responsible, Improvement-Oriented, Caring

- Critical, Righteous, Resentful

Type Two- The Giver

+ Nurturing, Generous, Supportive

- Prideful, Intrusive, Over-accommodating

Type Three- The Achiever

+  Hard-working, Efficient, Enthusiastic

- Impatient, Over-extended, Competitive

Type Four- The Dreamer  

+  Idealistic, Creative, Empathetic

- Moody, Dissatisfied, Dramatic

Type Five- The Observer

 + Knowledgeable, Objective, Self-sufficient

- Detached, Private, Withholding

Type Six- The Questioner

+ Loyal, Collaborative, Persevering

- Cautious, Skeptical, Worrying

Type Seven- The Adventurer

 + Charming, Optimistic, Spontaneous

- Scattered, Inconsiderate, Non-committal

Type Eight- The Challenger

+ Strong, Confident, Protective

- Intimidating, Excessive, Demanding

Type Nine- The Peacemaker

 + Easy-going, Accepting, Inclusive

-Self-forgetting, Resistant, Indecisive  

All of the credit for the above famous real-life examples of each type goes to Tom Condon and his work in The Enneagram Movie and Video Guide.