The Enneagram

The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a system that describes nine different personality types from a psychological, spiritual and somatic perspective.  This means examining the personality through thoughts, emotions and sensations.

The idea is that we adapted certain patterns when we were young because they helped us survive.  Now, we are older, somewhat wiser and we don't need those patterns anymore. 

The Enneagram helps you illuminate these subconscious patterns and identify them when they show up in your life.  Once we see these patterns clearly, we can name them.  When we have the ability to see and name them, we realize that we are not our patterns.  We are more than our personalities.  The Enneagram offers tangible and practical tools to help you on this path. 

Regarding the psychological element, it is important that you have cultivated somewhat of an inner observer in order for you to be able to identify yourself as one of the nine personality types.  Once you have done so, like any psychological undertaking, you can begin to recognize when these patterns show up in your life. Once you have an awareness of what your patterns are, then you have the power to choose.  Am I going to engage in my old patterns that are no longer working for me?  Or am I going to forge a new path?  

The somatic element of the Enneagram lies in the fact that we are physical beings.  Whatever we experience psychologically, we store in our body.  By paying attention to our physical sensations: where we have tension, where we have space, we can obtain useful information.  That information can be then used as a clue and a road map towards accessing more freedom in our thoughts and emotions.

The spiritual element of the Enneagram is simple.  It is about getting back to the essence of who we are.  In meditation, when you are able to witness your thoughts, you realize that you no longer are your thoughts.  You are the witness.  The same is true in regards to the Enneagram and the personality patterns.  When you can witness these patterns showing up in your life, you realize you no longer are your personality.  As we move along this path of growth, we usually feel lighter, freer and more ourselves than ever before.